A terrace event on the 24th and 25th of Octber



• SUD Terrace •

We will be serving a glass of wine, champagne and some foods at the terrace on the 24th and 25th.

Would you like to spend fabulous times with feeling pleasant sea breezes?

Feel free to come here.



SUD Box       ¥1,000-


    *Serving a glass of *

Veuve Cliqueot       ¥1,500-

Strawberry champagne    ¥1,000-

Beer                  ¥800-

Whisky with soda           ¥500-

White wine             ¥800-

Red wine                                  ¥800-

Non-alcholic sparkling wine  ¥1,000-

Orange juice                  ¥300-

   *Serving a bottole of*

Veuve Cliqueot         ¥10,000-

Magnum           ¥18,000-

※Price is included tax.